Airscape Fan Simulator



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Notes on use

  • To use the simulator you must first set the app to a special IP address. Go the the "Link" tab. Choose "Show network address." Enter 999.1.1.1 and click "done." This will start the simulator and connect the app to it. Note that it may take up to 2 - 3 minutes for the simulator to start. The app may indicate "no connectivity" during that time. When using the simulator, the pre-cool feature is entitled. To faciliate testing, pre-cool start times can be set to one minute granularity. In production, start times can be set in 15 minute granularity.

  • Different Airscape fans have different speed levels. The app uses the model string to determine how many speed levels to present. The simulator does NOT attempt to check whether the speed you select is be in a range appropriate for that fan model. The app should be robust to this error, even though it's not somethig you'd see from a real fan.  

  • The temperature settings simulate optional Airscape sensors. When the value set here is -90 (or lower), the app interprets that the fan does not have these options connected. In that case, the fan will use location and the API to determine outside temperature (if so configured in the app). Inside temperature will not be available.

  • The timer can be set in minute increments up to 720 minutes. The app is robust to simulator errors - the real fan will never report > 720 minutes remaining on the timer. Note that the simulator's timer does not count down.

  • Interlocks 1 and 2 are also fan options. Interlock 2 is typically installed with a pressure sensor to provide a signal indicating that the home isn't open to the outdoors (not enough windows open). Interlock 1 is typically connected to a fire alarm. In actual operation the interlocks affect fan speed. That isn't simulated by the simulator.

  • The damper activate as the fan is starting up. Setting this value will cause a "lamp" to light on the app.

  • The app polls the fan to retrieve status. As a result, it may take a few seconds for your changes to appear in the app.