About Porchdog Software

At Porchdog Software, we believe in making simple, usable tools that enhance the connected home experience. Our first product is an app for the iPhone designed to control network-connected whole house fans from Airscape. This free, no-ad app makes owning an Airscape whole-house fan even more enjoyable!

If you have a whole-house fan, you know they make an incredible contribution to comfortable, energy-efficient living. The Airscape product lineup features 6 fans supporting network connectivity, so they're a great choice for any connected home enthusiast.

The Porchdog fan control app augments the fan's basic controls with integrated weather connectivity and iPhone notifications to let you know when the temperature outside is too hot or cold to run the fan. And the app will also alert you when the fan speed is limited due to insufficient airflow (optional Airscape products required).

  • Provide wireless control for your whole-house fan

  • Notify you when the temperature outside exceeds your pre-defined limits

  • Set the fan to a specific speed with a single touch

  • Monitor the fan's operational status and let you know when the fan isn't operating at full capacity

Of course, there are also a few things the app can't do:

  • Operate or view the fan from outside your home's local network

  • Work with fans that don't support Airscape Gen 2 network connectivity