What is the Porchdog fan controller app?
The app lets you control select Airscape fans using your iPhone. The initial version of the app is ad-free and offered at no charge.
Why should I use it?
With the Porchdog app for Airscape whole-house fans, you can wirelessly control your whole-house fan from anywhere in your home.

The app downloads current outdoor temperatures from the OpenWeatherMap.org service and can notify you when the outside temperature is too hot or cold for optimal whole-house fan use.

Some Airscape fans have a speed control feature - also known as an "interlock" - that can automatically slow or stop the fan. These interlocks can lower fan speeds when not enough windows are open or if a smoke alarm is active. If your installation includes these options, the app will notify you whenever the fan's speed has been automatically reduced.
How does the app gather temperature information?
If your fan installation includes optional temperature features from Airscape, the app will use temperatures provided by those modules.

If an Airscape temperature module isn't installed, the fan will contact OpenWeatherMap.org to get the current outdoor temperature for your location. You can choose to provide your zip code or GPS coordinates to improve outdoor temperature accuracy. Go to the "Alerts" page to configure those options.

If you decide to provide your GPS coordinates, be sure to set up the app while you're near the fan. Otherwise your temperature readings will not be accurate. Once you've provided your GPS coordinates or zip code the app will store them until you explicitly reconfigure the app.

The app will not display the indoor temperature unless you have the Airscape indoor temperature module.
Is the app available on Apple's app store?
Not yet. The app is in beta trials now. Please contact us if you'd like to try it out.
What is your privacy policy?
Porchdog does not collect personal information of any kind, except as needed for participation in Apple's app store (future).

If you choose to use a web service to update your local outdoor temperature, your location will be sent to OpenWeatherMap.org. You may optionally enable or disable this feature by entering your zip code or allowing the phone to provide GPS coordinates. These settings can be found in the app's "Alerts" tab. Besides the networking information required to contact the service, the only information sent to OpenWeatherMap.org is either your zip code or GPS coordinates (based on your settings). Porchdog Software does not receive or have access to your location information.
How do I set up the app?
The app can scan your network for all Airscape fans on your network. Model-specific capabilities (like the number of available speed settings) are configured automatically. When you first open the app, you'll want to go to the "Network" tab to find and select your fan.

Your fan's IP address may change from time to time (power interruptions, for example, may restart your network and cause address changes). If you experience a "fan not found" error, please go back to the Network tab and re-scan.

If your fan's IP address changes often, you might consider giving your fan a "static" IP address. Please consult your home network provider's support information to determine how to do this. Most gateways support static IP addresses, but they all do it a bit differently.

If you have more than one fan at home, the app will find all of them. Although the app can only control one fan at a time, you can switch between fans on the "Network" tab.
What should I do if the app isn't working?
We worked hard to get all the kinks out of our whole-house fan app. But if something's not working, please let us know. Report all issues using the "Contact" link.

Please note that we are not affiliated in any way with Airscape Fans. We are very happy fan owners but we'd be way out of our league trying to support their fine products!